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Ham and Cheese Pizza

wood fired pepperoni pizza sunshine coast ham and cheese

Classic Menu : Ham and Cheese Pizza

Simple but deliucious flavour combination very popular with the kids the base is topped with an authentic Italian tomato sauce topped with peices of tasty roasted ham and a mozzarellla cheese blend. Just a couple of minutes in the wood fired Pizza oven and Bam ! Heavenly meaty flavour for all the Ham and Cheese Pizza Lovers!

Did you know - Ham and Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza originates from when Italian immigrants arrived in the United States in the early 20th Century who are thought to have combined traditional European flavours with American pizza ingredients.
Pepperoni actually translates to “Big peppers”and not to the specific meat that is used on the pepperoni pizza but originally pepperoni pizzas included bell peppers / capsicums as an ingredient.
Pepperoni flavour meat is not the same as traditional Italian cured meats in many ways, most notably being that the its much finer in texture than more traditional salamis.

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