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Welcome to THE JUNGLE OVEN . We are a Sunshine Coast based local hospitality company specialising in light and crispy wood fired pizzas with a gourmet twist suitable for Vegan and Gluten Free Diets. As well as attending local sporting events, corporate events and markets - including the Eumundi Markets and soon to be Night Quarter Markets at Birtinya, we also offer private catering for all size parties. We have cater for a huge range of private events through the Coast and Hinterland Areas, all the way up to Noosa and down to Moreton Bay. We are able to cater for events as large as a 200+ people wedding, all the way through to a small backyard garden housewarming. We’ve also catered for corporate events, end of year staff parties, celebration of life gathering’s, sweet 16’s, birthday parties, garden parties and every day gatherings, you name it - we’ve probably done it. Have a private party coming up soon and thinking about catering? Contact Us now for a quote.

Since 2013 The Jungle Oven has been bringing families, friends and others together with our gorgeous hand mosaiced pizza ovens , 5 star service, smiles and scrumptious gourmet pizzas. With our 7+ years of service, you know you’re getting the service you’ve paid for with a side of delicious pizzas. We take pride and care in our production and presentation to personalise our service to make your special day, or event the very best it can be, big or small.

Our Special Take On The Traditional Pizza Flavours -

Here at The Jungle Oven we’ve upped the pizza game and built upon the standard, plain jane pizza flavours most people offer. We are self titled foodies who love coming up with new and exciting flavour combinations and we’re so excited to be able to share those flavours with everyone else, and you guys seem to agree! Sometimes we love a simple, traditional margherita pizza, and appreciating the simple yet deep flavours of our authentic italian pizza sauce , special mozzarella mix and italian herbs but other times there's just a craving that needs to be fed with something more - here lies the need for our gourmet range of pizza flavours. We’ve comes up with some very interesting pizza flavour combinations, like our salmon and ricotta, our mega meat monster for the carnivorous at heart and all the way through to our gourmet vegetarian with roasted pumpkin and mushroom. View our full menu of traditional, gourmet and dessert pizza flavours here and decide for yourself!

We’ve also not forgotten about Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free diets in our menu. We offer delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free pizzas with all the same delicious toppings, for no extra charge. Now we’re not claiming to have a vegan pizza and cheap by leaving the cheese off. We’ve tried and tested over 6 types of vegan specific cheese to find the perfect fit for our pizzas. We also have gluten free bases made specifically for us (also from a Sunshine Coast based business) for gluten free and celiac diets.

We like to think we make some of the best wood fired pizza on the sunshine coast, and here’s a few reasons why…

The Base: It's a popular opinion to think the toppings are what make a pizza, we disagree, just like a house, if the foundation isn’t great, how do you expect the rest to be. Although we don’t make our pizza bases by hand, we have tried, tested and found what we think is the perfect, readymade crispy pizza base. Our bases are the perfect thickness to enjoy the base, while having that crisp edge on the bottom from the roaring hot ovens. We believe this, is what makes a perfect combination between thick and thin. Not making our pizza bases by hand also means at your private event, you’re not paying for an extra few hours of prep time for us to roll out 50+ pizza bases. Our bases also cook in a smooth 1 - 1.5 minutes, taking just 3 total to top and cook. This means we are able to cook approximately 50 pizzas in just under an hour , so every one of your guests are fed before too long.

The Toppings: As a lot of our pizzas are made using fresh vegetables, not canned and processed foods, We make sure to only use the highest quality toppings on our pizzas. We purchase our fresh ingredients from local farmers who also attend the Eumundi Markets, those vegetables are then used fresh for each of our events! We believe we also have the largest selection of pizza options to choose from. We have over 30+ different options you get to choose from for your wedding, birthday or business event. This includes our unique gourmet flavours which have been invented by us, and we love them! We also offer dessert pizzas at private events for the sweet tooths!

We also cater for Vegan and Gluten free guests at your private event for no extra charge! With our speciality chosen vegan cheese and gluten free bases, we’re sure your guests will be very appreciative!

Now the most important part.. The Oven!The star of the show, the real crowd pleaser. The only thing better than pizza, is a fresh wood fired pizza in a traditional brick oven. Our oven weights over 1000 kgs, built from traditional fire bricks and cement and can reach up to 500 degrees C to perfectly cook your pizza, in just under one and a half minutes. We’ve then spent over 30 hours hand mosaicing the whole oven. Each piece was individually cut and glued onto the oven in a gorgeous artwork of the Sunshine Coast, featuring local flowers, foliage, palm trees and most importantly - the ocean! It is a definite eye catcher, making your private event the talk of the town!

Wedding - Engagement - Birthday - Anniversary - Festival - Sports - Event - Corporate Catering and Lunches, or any other private event!

Our Range Of Flavours
Icon of fire
Traditional Pizza

Garlic Herb & Cheese Pizza

Enjoy our family favourite, traditional pizza- the Garlic Herb and Cheese. Made with a layer of fresh garlic paste and a generous helping of our special 3 cheese pizza mix, you're sure to love it.

Vegan Pizza

Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza (with Vegan Cheese)

Not only do we offer a huge variety of menu choices for your private event, we also cater for vegan and dairy free guests with special vegan cheese which can replace regular cheese on any one of our pizzas - at no extra charge.

Gluten Free Pizzas

Supreme Pizza (on Gluten Free Base)

We also cater for Gluten Intolerant and Celiac diets with our delicious Gluten Free pizza bases, which have been specially made for us by a small local Sunshine Coast Bakery.

Dessert Pizza

Banana & Creme dessert Pizza

Who says pizzas can only be savory? Let us offer dinner and dessert at your next privatefunction with our delicious range of sweet dessert pizzas.

Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

The Jungle Oven caters for all private personal and corporate events with our hand mosaiced pizza over your party is sure to be the talk of the town.

Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

We are a small, local, family owned company located on the Sunshine Coast QLD and service the coastal and hinterland areas of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay.

Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

We specialise in cooking perfect wood fired pizza in our hand mosaiced pizza oven. We offer thin crispy base pizzas with a huge range of gourmet flavours and high quality toppings. Yum!