Flexible mobile catering that meets your event criteria!

Jungle Oven Catering offers a huge range of wood fired pizza flavours for your next pizza party. Whether you're looking to cater for your 21st birthday, wedding, engagement party, end of year staff business party or even a small kids birthday party; we've got you covered. We offer solutions for all sorts of dietary requirements as well including vegan, celiac, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free ( and more) for no extra cost !

We are a small family owned business located on the Sunshine Coast specialising in offering nothing but delicious pizzas and high quality service with our personal family touch. When you book the jungle oven for your next pizza party you can be confident you'll receive a personalised experience in line with your events atmosphere; because we're a small family run business we have the flexibility to suit your events needs.

Small Parties

Starting from


minimum booking fee
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Up to 30 Adults
  • Pricing includes GST
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • 1 Hr Service Time
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Standard Package

Starting from


per adult
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30 - 50 pizzas served
  • Pricing includes GST
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • $12 / per child
  • 2 Hr Service Time
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Wait Staff Available
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Large Events

Starting from


per adult
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100 + adults
  • Pricing includes GST
  • Minimum booking $1800
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • $12 / per child
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Waiting Service Available
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Sides & Salads

Starting from


per adult
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Minimum $100 spend
  • Pricing includes GST
  • Traditional Garden Salad Bowl
  • Gourmet Salad Bowl
  • Simple Cheese Platter
  • Seasonal Fruit Platter
  • Decadent Dessert Platter
  • Grazing Boards

Birthday Party Pizza Catering

18th | 21st | 25th | 30th | 40th | 50th

Sunshine Coast - Noosa - Moreton Bay

Celebrate your birthday in style this year with a hand msaiced wood fired pizza oven. Jungle Oven Catering are able to help you celebrate being alive for yet another year in a blaze of glory. Let our team do all the heavy lifting so you can celebrate your birthday the right way!

To help you on your special day our team of professional staff members will come and set up our unique pizza oven while preparing each of your flavour choices fresh on site, you and your guests can then watch as our team make magic happen while cooking each pizza in our authenic wood fired oven, before being served to an easy and convenient buffet table stocked with disposable plates & napkins - meaning no clean up for you!

Enjoy your birthday the right way this year

by booking the Jungle Oven to help cater for your next birthday celebration, whether you're turning 18 or 80

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No Clean Up Required

Our team will bring and take away everything required for your birthday catering, including the buffet table, themed serving boards and all rubbish so there's nothing for you to worry about the day after.

Easy & Convenient

Let us do what we do best, making delicous, fresh wood fired pizzas. With an eat until you're full service and huge variety of menu choices you are sure to satisfy all of your family and friends.

Discreet Setup & Pack Down

Our team memebers are respectful of quickly and discreetly setting up our trailer and marquee, and packing down so as not to disrupt your celebrations

Gourmet Flavours

With a selection of x8 gourmet and delicious flavours from our huge menu of 30+ you can choose a large variety of flavours to be served at your birthday so you ensure all flavour palletes are being covered, including the vegetarians, carnivous and spice lovers.

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21st Birthday | Engagement Party | Wedding Celebrations | Sporting Events | Music Festivals

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Jungle Oven Catering Advantages

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Stress free, easy catering so you can focus on celebrating

SVG Icon Home | Jungle Oven Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Small, family owned business servicing the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay region

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Authentic wood fired pizzas in a brick oven with unique, gourmet toppings

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know our our catering services

14 days prior to your event we will have everything confirmed and finalised including any payments, menu choices, final guest numbers and dietary requirements so everything is streamlined on the night.

For each event we will arrive 1.5 - 2 hrs prior to service time to preheat the ovens and prepare your pizzas fresh, on site. We will set up our buffet table with wooden platters, name boards, napkins and plates for guests to use throughout the night.
For service we can cook x3 pizzas in the 500C oven at once! With a 2 - 3 minute cook time we can feed 50 guests within 1 - 1.5 hrs. A mixed range of pizza flavours will come out consistently so your guests can try a huge variety of flavours while chatting without missing out.
Toward the end of service our team will talk with you about packing up any remaining pizzas that weren't eaten during service; these will be stored in takeaway boxes and labeled for your convenience. Our team will then start packing and cleaning up without disturbing your guests.
We take everything back with us, including rubbish so there is no impact on you ! Just a simple, stress free night. We hold food licenses to operate throughout the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay region for markets, festivals, sporting days, corporate events and more !

For larger events that are located in surrounding areas like Brisbane, Somerset and Gympie we are able to organise licenses for specific events.

Of course ! We attend a number of local events each week and would love for you to come down and try some of our flavours and meet the staff who will be helping you celebrate your special occasion. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @JungleOven to find out more on where we'll be setting up each week.

Weekly you can find us at

Night Markets @ Night Quarter | Kawana.
Open 4pm - 10pm | Friday & Saturday
NightQuarter is the Sunny Coast's destination for street food, family fun and live entertainment. Open every weekend year round ! Featuring street food, family-friendly fun, live music, bars and market shopping.

NightQuarter is the 2021 Regional Live Music Venue of the year. Their live music and events space hosts national and international acts and special events.
Check out what's coming up at nightquarter.com.au

Eumundi Markets | Eumundi.
Open 7am - 2pm | Wednesday & Saturday
Renowned for its locally made artisan treasures there’s no other market quite like it. The Original Eumundi Markets is the biggest and the best artisan market in Australia.

Jungle Oven Wood Fired Pizza Catering | Stall at NigthQuarter Kawana

We've structured our pricing to be flexible for a wide range of different event sizes and types as per the chart below. Within each price bracket we offer 2 menu choices; our traditional menu that consists of your choice of x6 traditional flavours and x2 gourmet flavours and the gourmet menu which is your choice of x6 gourmet flavours and x2 traditional. The gourmet menu is for those of you who really want a chance to try all of our fancy, unique menu options! Please refer to our menu of for a detailed list of our 30+ traditional and gourmet options!

For smaller parties we have stuck to a low minimum call out fee of $750 for onsite catering so you can enjoy the luxury of private catering with a smaller guest list.
This this pricing structure include the choice of x6 traditional and x2 gourmet flavours with a total service time of approximately 60 minutes.

For 35 - 59 Guests - The pricing for our traditional and gourmet packages is $22 - $24 / per adult with our same $12 / per child pricing with a minimum booking fee of $800 - $850.

For 60 - 85 Guests - The pricing for our traditional and gourmet packages is $20 - $22 / per adult with our same $12 / per child pricing with a minimum booking fee of $1000 - $1200.

For 120 + Guests - The pricing for our traditional and gourmet packages is $18 - $20 / per adult with our same $12 / per child pricing with a minimum booking fee of $2000 - $2400.

Weekday Pricing
We are able to offer more competitive prices for weekday events Monday - Friday. Our prices for weekday events can come down to $20 - $22 / per adult or even less although are determined on an event per event basis. Please contact us for more info !

Our standard service includes serving pizzas onto a buffet table for your guests to pick at, although for larger events we're also able to organise wait staff to serve pizzas around. This is also quoted per event.

Travel Fee
We don't charge a travel fee for events up to 30 minutes from our previous event (for example, if we drove straight from the Eumundi Markets to your event). For events farther than 30 minutes we charge a fee of $25 / 30 minutes to cover the cost of our staff travelling to and from the event. This travel fee will be confirmed with each quote

Jungle Oven Catering | Pricing chart for private party catering

Yes !

We're able to cater for all sorts of dietary requirements, including dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy free and celiac diets. We boast an extensive range of vegetarian ( vegan optional ) flavours so no matter what dietary requirements you have, you won't miss out ona chance to try one of our gourmet flavours. Looking for something else not listed? just let us know and we can organise something special just for you!

  • Extensive vegetarian options
  • Vegan Cheese ( Soy Based )
  • Goats Milk Cheese / Cashew Cheese for soy intolerance
  • Gluten Free Bases (Real bases - Not wraps)
  • Specific procedures for celiac diets to avoid cross contamination
  • Alternative plant based meat-like products
  • Tofu / Jack Fruit substitute
  • Nut Free procedures for nut allergies
  • & More !

Our family actively practices environmental sustainability within our personal lives and that's carries through to our business practices naturally.
We are the Jungle Oven after all, and want to keep our planets gorgeous jungles alive and thriving!

All of our pizzas boxes are made from recycled materials certified by the FSC and are recycled again after and we only supply biodegradable, eco friendly napkins, bamboo plates and cutlery.
On the back end side of things we have worked with our suppliers to minimise the use of single use plastics within our food orders and opted for using reuable, biodegradable packing options. Supporting this is our use of reuable food containers, cutlery and only using biodegradable bin liners and recycled paper towels.

Weekend Trailer Hire

Looking for something different to standard catering that all of your family and friends can get involved in?
Consider our weekend rates for hiring our woodfired pizza oven on a trailer!

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Fire Wood

Includes a trailer load of firewood and kindling that to last approx. 6hrs

Food Included

We will provide you a the exact ingredients you need for the night.

Overnight Hire

You can enjoy this pizza oven from Saturday night to Sunday morning.


As well as your pizzas, why not put a slow roast in overnight? Fire roast some veg like potatoes and carrots, or even heat up some desserts.

Utensils & Instructions

Our trailer hire rates include a complete set of utensils and an instruction guide for heating the oven and our top tips to making the perfect pizza!