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Wood Fired Pizza Catering Company for your next wedding - birthday - engagement - kids - cocktail and christmas party!

Welcome to The Jungle Oven, are a small Sunshine Coast based mobile catering company who specialise in great tasting, wood fired pizzas with our themed pizza oven trailer. We have experience catering for a wide variety of private outdoor events including birthdays, weddings, kids and holiday parties. We are local to the Sunshine Coast but cater to the Noosa, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions.

Since 2013 The Jungle Oven has been catering for local private parties around the Sunshine Coast with our brand new, beautifully hand mosaiced mobile pizza oven. We’ve designed this mosaic to show off all the different aspects that the Sunshine Coast has to offer including depictions of our native flora, rainforests, our beautiful palm trees and coastal beaches. With our competitive private catering prices, take advantage of The Jungle Oven mobile trailer to show off at your next party, we guarantee it will be a hit with all your guests! With our themed and open concept set up, we’ve found out customers and guests love getting involved in the making of their own pizza from being able to watch our team members make every pizza on site, to the pizza going into the ovens and all the way through to being able to cut and eat it in just under 3 minutes!

Our beautifully hand mosaiced oven and chic, natural themed setup is the perfect addition to your outside wedding or garden party. We’ve provided private catering for many local Sunshine Coast and Noosa weddings and found not only were we able to offer great tasting pizzas and great customer service, The Jungle Oven also added a decorative aspect to the landscape, especially in similar naturalistic, bohemian, chic themed weddings and parties.

Our Signature Mobile Pizza Catering Service

For private catering events we come to your home and set up our beautiful, hand mosaiced and themed wood fire pizza ovens 2 hours prior to the service time. We always try and set up our ovens in view of our guests as we’ve found guests love to watch the ovens as their pizzas cook.

We also set up our themed marquee which contains our food prep stations where your pre chosen flavour choices are prepared fresh on site, get the authentic wood fired ovens up to temperate and set out a buffet style grazing table for guests. We set up this table with a chic black table cloth, our wooden serving boards, spices, sauces and eco friendly plates and napkins.

We’ve added a gourmet twist to our offered pizza flavours, on top of offering a wide range of traditional flavours that are family favourites. We have a huge menu of different flavours that is frequently updated with even more flavours. On top of offering traditional flavours, we’ve also designed our own range of gourmet flavours using our high quality, delicious ingredients. We’ve specialised in offering a range of flavours for everyone, including offering flavours for the meat eaters of the family, kids, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free guests. We’d have to say some of our signature ingredients are vegetables that we are able to roast in our woodfired ovens. The extremely high temperature of the ovens are able to cook the vegetables in no time, while giving them a delicious browned top and soft middle. We offer a multitude of wood fired pizza flavours that include our specialty wood fired pumpkin, zucchini, mushrooms and tofu. Other key ingredients that go into making up our wide selection of pizza flavours include smoked salmon, a range of specialty meats, authentic cajun spice, guacamole and many more. To ensure we only serve the highest quality wood fired pizzas with our mobile trailer, we ensure to only purchase high quality ingredients.

All of our ingredients are purchased locally from farmers markets before every event, and prepared fresh on site. This ensures we know, and our clients know that they are only receiving the highest quality product and appreciate the extra effort involved in preparing fresh ingredients unlike other competitors of ours. We’ve also made it a priority as a local catering company to cater for a range of different dietary requirements so you know none of your guests will miss out on one of our delicious pizzas. We offer gluten free bases and soy based dairy free cheese for gluten free, celiac, vegan and dairy intolerant guests.. even better, we don’t charge any extra for these! As well as implementing systems to minimize contact with allergen ingredients for known guests with allergies.

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Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

The Jungle Oven caters for all private personal and corporate events with our hand mosaiced pizza over your party is sure to be the talk of the town.

Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

We are a small, local, family owned company located on the Sunshine Coast QLD and service the coastal and hinterland areas of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay.

Party Hat Image - Jungle Oven wood fired private pizza party catering - serving the Sunshine coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay Region. Hire a food truck for your next private event

We specialise in cooking perfect wood fired pizza in our hand mosaiced pizza oven. We offer thin crispy base pizzas with a huge range of gourmet flavours and high quality toppings. Yum!