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We are a small, sunshine coast based business specialising in offering some of the best woodfired pizza on the coast. Our family has been operating this business since 2019 though our brand has been a Sunshine Coast stable for over 8 years. From very humble beginnings, we’ve now grown our catering services into a unique and speciality service and are frequently booked out 3 + months in advance. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to experience the Jungle Oven service yourself, here’s a little about what we specialise in.

A unique point of difference we offer is first and foremost, is our hand mosaiced woodfired pizza ovens. They are the main point of conversation at every event we attend. Not only are they gorgeous, they produce the most delicious woodfired pizzas. With an average temperature of 450C, each pizza cooks in approximately 2 - 3 minutes with the perfect leopard print pizza base and golden cheese on top. Our signature base is simple but sweet, which allows our gourmet ingredients to be the star of the show.

We’re renowned for our gourmet private pizza catering services. For your next pizza party with Jungle Oven you can choose 8 flavours from our menu of 30+ gourmet and traditional pizza options; and rest assured we are able to cater for any and all special dietary requirements for no extra charge. As a standard we offer vegan cheese and authentic gluten-free pizzas bases but can also provide a range of alternative meats, different cheeses and meat substitutes like jack fruit and tofu.

On top of our gourmet menu, our main priority is to help take the stress out of hosting your next large event or family gathering. Our simple setup requires nothing more than power lead to operate and our team is completely self-sufficient and don’t require any help setting or packing up. This paired with our simple and convenient buffet table setup for your guests to pick at throughout the night, you have nothing more to worry about. This includes cleaning up the buffet table and taking any rubbish with us.

Where to find us around the Sunshine Coast..

If you’re looking to ‘ try before you buy ‘ you can find us at public events all around the Sunshine Coast & surrounding areas each week. Primarily, you can find us at the Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am - 2pm; and at NightQuarter in Birtinya every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm - 10pm. Alternatively, you can find us at all sorts of public events, including markets, sporting events, expos and music festivals. Make sure to follow our social media pages to keep up to date on these weekly events.

Our public menu is esteemed around the coast for being so diverse. With over 15 flavour options, we’re sure to have a flavour for every family member can enjoy! We also in specialise in offering multiple vegetarian options that are vegan optional with authentic, gluten free pizza bases options too.

About our setup,

Our woodfired ovens are set up on a mobile trailer that can be conveniently moved into most areas. Other than requiring power for lighting, we are completely self-sufficient. For the best woodfired catering experience, we recommend setting up in a location central to your party so you and your guest can see where all the magic happens.

You can expect us to arrive at your event 1.5 - 2 hours prior to your selected service time to prepare the ovens and each of your preselected pizza flavours. We also set up a buffet table complete with plates, napkins, sauces and spices for your guests to use throughout the night. Come service time, each pizza is then served out to the buffet table on wooden platters with name boards with a variety of pizzas being served at once.

Looking for something a little more formal? We’re also able to organise waiters to help serve pizzas out to your guests while they mingle.

Towards end of service, we will then start discreetly start packing up and storage any remaining pizzas in takeaway boxes for you and your guests to enjoy later on. We will also clean the buffet table and take any rubbish back with us so you don’t have to worry about clean up the next day.

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Our Signature Mobile Pizza Catering Service

Flexible mobile catering that meets your event criteria!

Jungle Oven Catering offers a huge range of wood fired pizza flavours for your next pizza party. Whether you're looking to cater for your 21st birthday, wedding, engagement party, end of year staff business party or even a small kids birthday party; we've got you covered. We offer solutions for all sorts of dietary requirements as well including vegan, celiac, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free ( and more) for no extra cost !

We are a small family owned business located on the Sunshine Coast specialising in offering nothing but delicious pizzas and high quality service with our personal family touch. When you book the jungle oven for your next pizza party you can be confident you'll receive a personalised experience in line with your events atmosphere; because we're a small family run business we have the flexibility to suit your events needs.

Small Parties

Starting from


minimum booking fee
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Up to 30 Adults
  • Pricing includes GST
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • 1 Hr Service Time
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Standard Package

Starting from


per adult
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30 - 50 pizzas served
  • Pricing includes GST
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • $12 / per child
  • 2 Hr Service Time
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Wait Staff Available
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Large Events

Starting from


per adult
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100 + adults
  • Pricing includes GST
  • Minimum booking $1800
  • x8 Flavour Choices
  • $12 / per child
  • Buffet Table Service
  • Waiting Service Available
  • Plates & Napkins Provided

Sides & Salads

Starting from


per adult
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Minimum $100 spend
  • Pricing includes GST
  • Traditional Garden Salad Bowl
  • Gourmet Salad Bowl
  • Simple Cheese Platter
  • Seasonal Fruit Platter
  • Decadent Dessert Platter
  • Grazing Boards

Sunshine Coast ( & beyond ) Mobile Pizza Catering

Contact Jungle Oven for information on your wood fired pizza catering for your next event; big or small!

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your 21st | 18th | 16th | 40th | 50th birthday party in style this year.

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Wedding & Engagements

The perfect, simple option that the whole family will approve of.

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Corporate / Business / Staff

Looking to boost morale, building team relationships or celebrate kicking this years goals? Look no further than getting a pizza van to cater for the office.

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Everything Else

You can never go wrong with wood fired pizza, no matter what event you're hosting.

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Jungle Oven Catering Advantages

SVG Icon Birthday Hat | Jungle Oven Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Stress free, easy catering so you can focus on celebrating

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Small, family owned business servicing the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay region

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Authentic wood fired pizzas in a brick oven with unique, gourmet toppings

Weekend Trailer Hire

Looking for something different to standard catering that all of your family and friends can get involved in?
Consider our weekend rates for hiring our woodfired pizza oven on a trailer!

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Fire Wood

Includes a trailer load of firewood and kindling that to last approx. 6hrs

Food Included

We will provide you a the exact ingredients you need for the night.

Overnight Hire

You can enjoy this pizza oven from Saturday night to Sunday morning.


As well as your pizzas, why not put a slow roast in overnight? Fire roast some veg like potatoes and carrots, or even heat up some desserts.

Utensils & Instructions

Our trailer hire rates include a complete set of utensils and an instruction guide for heating the oven and our top tips to making the perfect pizza!